Keep it real

“BEBI !!!”… They call for me. “Come inside already”… I hear them yell.

Maybe I overdid it. I’ve been outside for a few hours, their concern is justified. But… I’m almost two years old now… I’m my own cat now…. I can do what I want….

“Come on insideee, you’ll get a treat !!!”

…got to go.

… except for

After a exhausting day full of running outside in the snow I really love to sleep.
Ahhh yes… Sleep. The one thing I truly enjoy. Maybe except for chicken… or beef… or turkey, or any kind of meat actually… or treats, yes I like those too..


King again

Yesterday, one of my owners came back from work, and brought with him two small kittens. “They are brothers… “ , he said,“… they are cold and hungry” , he said.
“They won’t stay long, be nice to them.”
I’m so mad now… I can’t take it anymore…
But, stay calm Bebi… Tomorrow they will be adopdet… Then you are again… KING !!!! 👑

Playtime over

Time to be a big cat now. Gone are the times when I sat in the laps of my owners feeling safe.
Now, playtime is over. Now, I’m not safe.
Every Sunday morning I can hear the horrible sound; It wakes me, frightens and terrifies me.
His visious roar freezes the blood in my veins. They call it…. THE VACUUM CLEANER !!!!